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FestBlast is an all-in-one platform that lets you easily find the best music fests, organize your trip and personalize your festival experience. This free web and mobile solution helps you stay connected with your friends & share your epic festival moments.

Whole web platform (back-end and front-end) was completely my work. Only design and UI sketches were prepared beforehand by the FestBlast’s team. Overall, about 4 months of my full-time work resulted in:

  • responsive web application, with features like:
    • browse festivals and artists from all over the world;
    • rate, like, set attendance status of concerts & festivals;
    • get automatic suggestions of festivals based on your taste;
    • share concerts, festivals with friends; and discuss them;
    • plan your festival trip using small carpooling service;
    • add friends on your FestBlast account and optionally import them from Facebook/Google+/Windows Live/Yahoo;
    • import your favourited artists from services like Spotify, Grooveshark, LastFM, Deezer, and Facebook;
    • browse festivals’ & artists’ pages, which are automatically filled in with theirs’ Youtube videos, Instagram photos and Twitter posts;
    • … and pin your own photos & videos from the festival you have just attended!
  • mobile application on Android & iOS, with features like:
    • browse the festival’s lineup and set your own one, with only the gigs you want;
    • get alerts about the upcoming gigs, which you marked you want to attend;
    • see festival’s map, place your own pins on the map, and find your friends there!
    • … and some other small but useful features: weather, flashlight, and backpack, a list of items to get before you leave for the festival!

Tech wrap-up

Web application

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Serves 3 purposes at once:
    • as front-end web app,
    • as API for the mobile app,
    • as administration panel.
  • Connects a lot of APIs:
    • imports user’s friends from: Facebook, Google+, Windows Live, Yahoo
    • imports user’s favourited artists from: Spotify, Grooveshark, Deezer, LastFM, Facebook
    • scrapes artists’ & festivals’ videos, photos & tweets from: YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter
  • Advanced full-text search for artists & festivals, with optional filters like: date, price, size, location and an ability to find the closest festivals based on your current location!
  • Fully scallable in Horizontal Way (and easily: via Chef)

Mobile application

  • Angular & Ionic Framework
  • Deployable to Android 4.0+ & iOS 6.0+ via Apache Cordova
  • Support for push notifications and authentication via native FB login
  • Used tools: Gulp, SASS, Jade, CoffeScript

Both of the apps are covered with unit tests. Mobile app has even some integrations tests (in Protractor).

Technologies used
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