An interactive online radio station

Radio Gorilla FM is a project created by music enthusiasts and its’ listeners.

Super interactive, one-page website for an online radio station. Besides listening to the music, you can:

  • browse radio’s tracks database; and request songs online;
  • have a chat with other listeners;
  • browse yours and your friends profiles, their favourite tracks and their activities;
  • gain experience as a listener and advance in your Gorilla’s rank,
  • scrobble your listened songs to LastFM and Facebook OpenGraph API.

Tech wrap-up

Frontend application

  • done in AngularJS, as fully stand-alone frontend application
  • connects to the API server via HTTP & WebSockets
  • use of tools like Grunt, SASS, Jade, CoffeScript

Back-end server

  • Done in Ruby on Rails
  • Has HTTP and WebSockets API endpoints
  • Includes an admin panel
  • Implements full-text search with ElasticSearch
  • Uses Redis to synchronise multiple Rails instances (server, workers, WebSockets server) and for caching

Both of the applications are automatically deployable via Git and Capistrano.

Technologies used
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